The Saturday Six: Black Panther + Rachel Hollis + Rose Tinted Glasses

Happy Saturday!

Hope you are having a good one. We have a bunch of fun family stuff planned. If you are looking for suggestions, here are some ideas:

To Wear

With all of the terrible news, I’ve taken to wear rose coloured glasses. Literally.

I have to wear sunglasses winter and summer and right now I have a cheapy pair from The Gap (CAD 40 and usually a 50% discount) as I decide if the pink trend is for me.

I have my eye on these cute ones from Love.

To Watch

We saw Black Panther last night and it is a Must See. If you want a glimpse of the Heaven on Earth, it is, most certainly, Wakanda. Oh my gosh, it’s a beautiful film. I loved all of the strong women. Angela Bassett as Queen Ramonda is absolute perfection. I find a lot of the Marvel films are the same now and are just about showcasing the CGI. But Black Panther is much more story-driven. And the score by Kendrick Lamar is the best.


To Eat

Are you eating Sweetened Cacao Nibs with plain yogurt? Well why not?

To Read

I’m reading Rachel Hollis’s Girl, Wash Your Face. Hilarious.

To Apply

Are you still wearing chemically lipstick? You eat that stuff, you know. Switch it for Beautycounter Sheer Lipstick in Twig.

Social Housekeeping

I’ve been having all sort of woes with Facebook. It won’t let me share my posts and keeps changing things on me. And of course it affects my Instagram. I’ve used their developer tool to troubleshoot but it’s a black box why it’s not liking my website since my code is clean. According to other bloggers who’ve experienced a FB/Insta link problem, it remedies itself over time. But if you want to stay caught up on this blog, you might want to follow it on Bloglovin.

Hope you have a terrific weekend.


Love to hear from you!

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