A Radical Cure for Vertigo

In Rachel Hollis’s Girl, Wash Your Face, which I reviewed on Monday, she talks about her battle with vertigo. She had trouble finding adequate medical assistance for the condition until she went to a rather wacky doctor who made her realize that “In every single instance, my vertigo was a physical response to an emotional problem.”

Turns out, her vertigo had been tied to the most stressful times of her life. I can totally relate. Mine is definitely exacerbated by stress.

The doctor’s suggested cure for her?

“Go home and do nothing. Sit around, watch TV, spend an entire day on the sofa. Discover that your world does not implode without you going a hundred miles an hour. Get up the next day and do it again.” 

How would this Rx make you feel? Happy? Relieved? Terrified?

While this cure would be more welcome to me than, say, leeches, I wouldn’t love it. I have trouble doing nothing and always feel that I should be working since books do not write themselves (pity!) This week, I felt bad about watching The Bachelor since it was on Sunday and Monday. So as a result, I’m not letting myself watch Real Housewives.

So, a whole day on the sofa? I think my head would explode (although, perhaps, this is the cure for vertigo.)

And Rachel Hollis makes me look like an absolute slacker, so you know that she was not exactly enthralled with this idea. But she was less enthralled with having the room spin around, so she gave it a go. She put all of that work ethic into relaxing. She threw herself into therapy, the Word, her marriage, and her kids, and she stopped running so hard on the work front. And she hustled for her joy, putting lots of lunches, bubble baths, and glasses of wine on her agenda. She made a job of relaxing and I can totally, totally relate.

And when she realized the world kept spinning without her, her world stopped spinning for her.

Things have been crazy for me as late, and I’ve had a bit of a you-need to-relax-and-have-fun wake up call beyond the eye surgery and the vertigo. I’m making plans to slow down, fill myself up, and dump any toxins in my life, be they cosmetics or people. I will always be a Type A person, so I love the idea of hustling for joy. If I can make relaxation into a project, it just might work.

Do you find it easy to take it easy? Or are you better when you are running on that wheel? How do you make time to relax?


Love to hear from you!

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