Happy March + Beautycounter Promo


Rabbit rabbit! Happy March! If you are reading this post, you’ve found me at WordPress. Yay! Thank you for making the effort! WordPress was my first love and makes blogging a lot easier. Like switching banks, it’s a pain and I needed something to push me, which the great Insta/Facebook meltdown of 2018 succeeded in doing. So here I am! Thank you for following me! Some of you have been trailing me around the internets since 2004 and I really appreciate it.

March also issues in a whole new Beautycounter promotion. If you join as a Consultant, starting this month, for CAD$98 you get your web site, training materials, and 2 full sized products: a Sheer Lipstick in Rose (worth $38), and Countermatch Adaptive Moisturizer Lotion (Worth $60). You also get a tote bag if you are into that sort of thing. Winner winner chicken dinner, right?

If you want, you also get access to these fabulous starter kits (so much better than the starter kits I had access to, but I won’t pout!)  You don’t have to buy anything though, and because you sign up online, no-one is going to pressure you to do anything. (I get it. I’m an introvert. I’ve white knuckled my way through home shopping parties, buying things I don’t even want just so the people will stop bugging me!)






It’s everything you need to get set up with luxury non-toxic beauty (I have spent far more at the Chanel boutique and received far less product.) And if you sign up under me, I’ll provide you guidance and training. I ran the training department of a Fortune 500 company’s Canadian sub when I was young, so I can help you with sales, leadership, or how to drive a forklift! Or if you want to connect with a me, you can shoot me a note.

Anyhow, that’s the news for now. I’m not going to blog every day since I’m working on some other cool writing projects, but I’ll be here at least three times a week. And if you have a cool blog you write and I’m not reading, leave me a comment in the comments section so I can find you online!

Keep calm, bunnies,


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