Six Things to Be Happy About

  1. Not being engaged to Arie on The Bachelor. Are you watching the show? Wow, what a heel. Becca K so dodged a bullet when Arie withdrew his proposal. And poor Lauren B. He’ll mess her around too since he only seems to love the fact that she looks so much like Emily, his real love interest. If Lauren B. does not want yet another broken engagement, she should just say no when Neil Lane shows up at the door. There is no diamond big enough to make up for that kind of terrible.
  2. This guy! He’s just some random cat on Pinterest, sitting in the sun. But look at his little face!
  3. These AG jeans are on sale. Comfy and perfect for spring. I love AG but only buy them on sale since $300 for jeans is crazy talk.
  4. This is Us. Randall at the library. It made me happy cry.
  5. Dahlia Lipgloss. Pink is always a good idea. 
  6. Packing for a beach holiday. All the light fabrics and happy colours: what’s not to love?




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