Punta Cana + Zeppole + Beach Reads

Hello! Happy Day-after-San-Giuseppe-Day. Are you stuffed with Zeppole?

I threw my egg allergy to the wind and had a bit of the strawberry and whipped cream Zeppole from SanRemo Bakery in Toronto. Heaven on a plate.

via @SanRemobakery


We’re back home after a nice time away. We had sunshine and 30 degree celsius weather every day and I was able to curl up under our palapa and listen to the waves.

I mainly relaxed and read. China Rich Girlfriend was my favourite book of the bunch. I cannot wait for the Crazy Rich Asians movie this spring.

via Entertainment Weekly

I thought Mrs. by Caitlin Macy was terrific. I love books about New York society and this was a compelling read. The author has the private school mom dynamic nailed down perfectly (ask me about The Heiress and her Bentley over drinks some time…)

The Last Mrs. Parrish popped up as a recommendation when I finished Mrs. and I noticed that Reece Witherspoon had recommended it, so I gave it a go. It’s a page-turner and the characters ring true psychologically (so true that there were no spoilers for me, as I know the types all too well.)

I also reread A Wrinkle in Time. I adore Madeline L’Engle. If you’ve not read her books for adults, you must!

I had a chance to stress test my Beautycounter products.

The Dew Skin with SPF is a winner and a half. The weather was hot hot hot and this tinted moisturizer stayed in place and kept my sunspots to a minimum. The Cream Blush was fabulous and served as a lip tint too. The only thing I did not like was the Body Sunscreen Stick as it did not hold up well in the heat.

We were back in time for St. Patrick’s Day, which we celebrated at Duffy’s pub in Shelburne. Nothing like a pint and some Dropkick Murphys music to get you feeling celebratory.

I hope you had a terrific week and some sunshine filled days.


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