Pink’s Beautiful Trauma Tour + Simply Beautiful Box

Happy Spring!

Was that not the longest winter ever? Between not skiing and struggling with some health issues, it felt interminable. I was afraid that all of my symptoms were attributable to eye surgery + age but it now looks like something else is going on. Monday’s MRI has shed some light on things so I’m cautiously optimistic that there is a path to wellness. That being said, they scared the bejaysus out of me when they called right after the test and said I had to see my doctor ASAP. And, of course, she’s away for a week. Thankfully, I was able to talk to her nurse was who reassured me we are not looking at my imminent demise. (In Canada, the healthcare is free but it can take a long time to get things done so when they rocket you from bloods to ultrasound to MRI to “call you doctor ASAP,” you tend to panic.)

I managed to get out to see the Pink concert last night. I LOVE Pink concerts and this show was no exception. It’s like Cirque meets Broadway (with nods to Phantom, Rent, and Into the Woods.) So so good. If you don’t cry during her lead in to What About Us, I’m afraid we can’t be friends. If she is touring near you, I highly recommend that you go. Plus, she starts ON TIME so you can be in bed at a reasonable hour. She’s a mom too so she gets it!

via Getty Images for Live Nation

I ordered BC Living’s Simply Beautiful Editor’s Box after I saw some bloggers I like recommend it. I love to support Canadian businesses and this spring box is filled with goodness. There are on-trend tassel earrings and a scarf, rose gold measuring spoons (we are always out of measuring spoons!), face oil, nourishing balm, cuticle oil, and a note pad. It’s useful, practical, and fun. I really like subscription boxes. They remind me of childhood for some strange reason. Perhaps they are like the surprise bags I’d buy as a treat at an accessories shop in the Bay. I don’t know if I’ll buy it again since the fun is checking out new ones, but this issue was a winner.


Have you seen Pink in concert? Do you like to be surprised by your purchases?


Love to hear from you!

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