Happy Easter Weekend + J Crew Picks + Healthy Beauty

Happy Thursday!

We are heading into a long weekend and the weather is nice and mild. I feel particularly encouraged this Easter as I finally got back the results of my MRI (after a scary night due to a communications mixup at the doctor’s office where they were all, “the doctor needs to call you at home tonight to discuss this in depth” but then there was no call!) Basically, the adexnal mass is not cancerous and I may need some surgery but I can totally deal with that. The outcome is so much better than Ovarian cancer, which was my greatest fear. I’m higher risk because I make no progesterone on my own (my pregnancies had to be supported by artificial hormones.)

Other than pain, the worst thing about this is it makes me swollen. I think I’ll need to pick up a few wardrobe pieces in one size larger for spring (my winter wardrobe is much more forgiving.) I think I’ll take advantage of the J Crew 40% off sale this weekend. They are still on the ropes financially and I want to support them as they still have cute basics.

These are my picks:

The Classic Striped T-Shirt is a winner at $39 (on sale). I’ve had lots of spendy French Breton tops in the past but, in spite of hanging everything to dry, I always manage to shrink them over time. This one seems like a nice shirt at a good price.

I’ll pair it with these 5″ Stretch Chino Shorts. I find 5 inches a perfect length for me. Not too frumpy. Not too Daisy Duke. The navy, grey, and Wildflower Pink (which looks Nantucket red on my monitor) all look like winners, as does the price at $36 (on sale).

I like these espadrille wedges, but I plan to pop into Nordstrom on the weekend and see their selection of Soludos and Marc Fishers. I can buy clothes online but find shoes more of a challenge. Plus, I don’t really need them.

Since there is a chance that this adexnal mass could go away on its own, I’m trying Progessense Plus essential oil since it contains natural progesterone from wild yam, as well as other hormone supporting essential oils. The last time I went down the wild yam path was when I was trying to get pregnant. My straight shooting ob/gyn, told me that I’d need a container truck full of yams to make a difference, but she also said that about fresh pineapple and I swear that eating one fresh pineapple per day was helpful in me getting pregnant (staying pregnant was another story…) From what I’ve researched, I’ve come to the conclusion that wild yam oil can’t hurt me, and I have friends who swear by it. (I source my oil from my pal Sherry at Capricorn and Clove) I put two drops behind my ears morning and night. To me, it smells a bit like liquorice. (Note: I receive no financial consideration for Young Living, but I love Sherry and she is a great baker and sometimes she makes me cookies or gives me lavender spray for the dogs!)

I’ve also dumped all of the toxic beauty products, as you know. I’ve been trying out the Beautycounter offerings and love them. I’ve compiled the best of the best here. (Unlike most MLMs, you don’t have to sign up for anything. You can just buy stuff like you might from Sephora. Or you can join Band of Beauty to save 10% and get free shipping. Or you can become a Consultant and save 25%. Totally up to you.)

The last thing I wanted to try was a natural deodorant because, no, just no. (We’ve all been beside the natural deodorant lover in yoga class, right?) But I was really freaked out over these last few months of medical appointments. I read about Native Deodorant on a number of style blogs and I bit the bullet. It’s really good. I don’t know if it would hold up through a Crossfit class followed by a job interview, but it’s great for regular life. I love the Coconut Vanilla scent. It reminds me of a beach vacation. They have all sorts of fancy Diptyque-type scents. If you click the link to buy, you get a free mini.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with family, hot cross buns, chocolate bunnies, and good health.




  1. Hi Jen, I must have missed your writing about going for an MRI – I’m so glad that it’s not serious. That must have been very worrying indeed. Happy Easter!


    • I was keeping it a little quiet since we did not know what we’d find. The MRI itself was no big deal (although I did react a little to the dye) but it scared me how quickly I was getting results. Usually one waits forever. But, on the bright side, there is now a bit of a plan and hopefully we can get this managed since it’s been pretty uncomfortable. Happy Easter, Patricia! I always enjoy your comments. Xo


  2. What a scary experience with the MRI! I’m happy it’s not as serious as you feared. I hope the essential oil works. I have too much estrogen so I’ve been taking Estro-Sense to hopefully balance things a bit. It seems to be working somewhat but it’s early days.
    I’m so happy you’re looking after your health, non-toxic stuff is so good and I’m going to try that deodorant so thanks for the link. Your friend Sherry sounds so nice!
    Love your picks from JCrew too. I haven’t looked at their site for awhile but THOSE ESPADRiLLES, they’re so pretty. Have a really happy weekend 🙂 xxx


    • It was scary! I’m glad we are tracking towards a solution though. This, coupled with eye, have really trimmed my sails this winter. The Native product is good. And I feel better reducing chemicals. Health scares are quite eye-opening. The espadrilles are lookers, aren’t they. Have a happy weekend! Happy Easter. XO


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