Chateau Laurier + Winning Spring Shoes and Bags

I hope you had a good Easter weekend. We were in Ottawa for a couple of days to see family and stayed at the Fairmont. I love a good hotel with its lobby bar and afternoon tea. So civilized. The Fairmont Chateau Laurier has been nicely renovated and our room was huge. I find that old hotels often have pokey rooms but not this one. Winning!

We checked out the Ottawa Nordstrom. I’d hoped to buy some espadrille wedges but they only had one pair, with a massive, gappy ankle strap. (Don’t you wonder who the fit model was for some items?) I will have to go online as we just don’t get the same selection in Canada.

Did y’all watch Jesus Christ Superstar Live? So good, right? I love musical theatre and John Legend was very strong (one worries a little when a celeb is cast as Jesus.)

Today, we were back to it. I met with my trainer and informed her that I cannot do ab work now due to all of these medical complications. I also can’t do anything to trigger vertigo and I must baby my right shoulder. We really ought to just meet at Starbucks every Monday and chat! But she’s managed to craft a program I can do, so I don’t feel absolutely useless.

It’s beautiful and sunny here, unlike in New York. After April, snow is simply unseemly, no?

My mind is fully in spring mode. I’m putting away the final winter goods and charging bravely into pastels and linens. Luckily, I have quite a few pieces (I bought a few cheap and cheerful spring-worthy pieces in the Zara Boxing Day sales since I need them for filming.) All I really need for my spring wardrobe to be complete is a cute bag to use when the St Louis tote (aka North West’s toy carrier) is too unwieldy.

I love this one from Zara as it’s small, closable, has a strap, and looks like a french market tote. Winner winner!



On the shoe front, I like these Marc Fisher espadrille wedges from Nordstrom.

And these Vince Camuto wedges.

Platforms make me look super leggy, but there is always a risk of falling over. So, the jury is still out.

Did you have a good Easter weekend? Any spring finds?


  1. Oh, we love the afternoon tea at the Chateau Laurier. I’m glad you all had a nice time in Ottawa. I commiserate about your lack of ab work – I had a horrible cold with lots of coughing and now my rib cage hurts so much that I can’t do any upper body work. I’m sure it will get better soon, if only I can avoid sneezing! A new Marshall’s opened not too far from us and I found a great pair of Ugg slip on sneakers in navy suede – they will be great for summer and for our October cruise to the Eastern Med.


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