I Feel Pretty + Spring Dress Find

Happy Monday!

I hope you had a good weekend. We had a full weekend, with dinner in Trinity-Bellwoods, some shopping at Yorkdale, and some time logged in North Toronto. We are looking for our next neighbourhood. I’ve never been a suburban person and miss the city every single day. I’d love to build something or renovate it to exactly my tastes and that takes a while, which is why we are starting to look years in advance of the plan.

Nordstrom at Yorkdale had some excellent buys. They don’t mess around with their sales (I keep being told of their upcoming July sale, so it must be really really good!) My favourite find was this lovely spring wrap dress from Leith at a winning price that the SA found for me. It was just marked down to $52 and was lovely (it’s a much richer coral rose in real life.) It’s a perfect brunch dress, but I’d never have pulled it off the rack myself. A good SA can make a tremendous difference, so when someone asks if they can help you find anything, don’t hesitate. Dresses are my new friend since jeans are not comfortable and one can only live in Juicy Couture ironically for so long (I refuse to do the yoga pant thing outside of the gym.) If I cannot get some resolution to these health complications soon, I will have to go to the US for treatment. Not only is it causing me a lot of pain: it is wreaking havoc on my wardrobe!



I also popped by the Toronto Premium Outlets with my daughter. Before Mother’s Day, they tend to have really great sales at Tory Burch, Coach, and Kate Spade and they have lots of little wristlets and wallets that make nice birthday gifts. You knew the deals were good since the ebay resellers were out in full force (at least, I hope it they were resellers, otherwise some people have a serious shopping problem, with bags and bags full of purses.)

Have you seen, I Feel Pretty? The movie itself is not fabulous, but Michelle Williams is so enjoyable as a spaced-out Ivanka Trump type. And her Tom Ford, Gucci, D&G wardrobe is everything. The D&G puppy dress is a must have. Pity it’s from 2017 and impossible to find.


I have 5 great books on the go right now. They are all quite different and are all equally compelling. I’ve slowed down my reading of Rich People Problems since I am savouring every last chapter. I need Kevin Kwan to write faster! On the TV front, we’ve been catching up on Suits and Good Witch (love!) restarts in Canada tonight. And we have the intersection of RHBH ending and the start of RHONY starting, so that’s good entertainment. This forced downtime is creating more TV watching time than I’d like, but it is what it is.

Have you been reading anything good? Any good, non-violent shows to recommend?

I hope you have a good week ahead.



  1. What a cute dress! You must be so frustrated with your health issues; I hope you don’t have to go so far as seeking treatment in the States, but I can understand that it might be necessary.

    Last week on Late Night with Seth Meyers we saw an interview with a writer, Sarah Kendzior. She wrote ‘The View from Flyover Country’, which was written a few years ago and which kind of forecast the Trump win. She was so impressive that I’ve ordered the book and I’m looking forward to reading it. On TV we are watching Shakespeare and Hathaway on BBC Canada – it’s set in, yes, you guessed it, Stratford-upon-Avon and it’s about a private detective agency. It’s very much in the gentle comedy vein of Father Brown (but a contemporary setting) and almost every scene takes place inside or in front of a half-timbered house. What’s not to love?

    Another show we’re liking is Instinct – Alan Cumming is a professor-turned-NYPD consultant and he is, as usual, very entertaining. I adore him. A friend of mine once told me that she went to the same secondary school as him in Scotland. And that’s as close as I’ll ever get to Hollywood!😊


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