Desk Arrival + Vitamin Diary

The desk arrived!

I’m very happy with it. It’s even better than expected. I nearly went for the much more expensive desk since it accommodated my keyboard and mouse, but, as it turns out, this one does too! It’s surprisingly well made, required minimal assembly (I did it myself if under half an hour) and is so pretty! The description says the mirrored parts are not bevelled, but they are, making it look like a much more expensive piece.

Pretty! (Wayfair photo – I use an ugly yet awesome Aeron chair)


Hidden keyboard drawer
Ubiquitous blogger Diptyque candle pen holder

I’m very happy with my purchase. Ironically, I got no notice of delivery or signature requirement like I did for the doormat I also ordered from Wayfair. I mean, why do I have to sign for them to drop off a doormat in front of my door? Yet, for the big steal-able desk, nothing! Will wonders never cease?

I’m off to lunch with city people today, which means putting on clothes. I shall wear my Caslon Off-Duty dress, since it’s so comfy and hides a multitude of sins.

Do you take vitamins? I know that some people swear by them and others think they are smoke and mirrors. I’m not a great eater, so I tend to err on the side of taking them. After some experimentation, I have my favourites, which I organize in those old people pill containers. Who says I don’t know how to have fun?

I love the Lorna Vanderhaeghe Multismart, Adrenasmart, Ironsmart, and Magsmart Powder in organic raspberry. I take Systane Omega-3 for eyes and Vitamin C on the advice of my eye doctor.

I started taking Viviscal because of those darned Kardashians and their thick glossy locks. And now, I’m a full blown addict. One day, my children will lament: “2017 was the year my mama got on the Viviscal.” There was a brief Viviscal shortage a month ago and I ran out. Ahhh! People, there was a lot more hair in the shower drain and I freaked out. So now I’m terrified not to use it and keep it stockpiled. It’s a problem. If you decide to go on it, you have to commit. But on the plus side, it does seem to make your hair fuller.

I hope you have a terrific Tuesday!




  1. Love your new desk. Laughing about signing for the doormat to be left where the doormat goes. Yes I have vitamin dependencies too, I take an estrogen balance thing from Lorna V that I’m afraid to stop taking because it might be helping? I also can’t go to sleep without magnesium.
    Hope you enjoyed your city lunch, you had the perfect dress for the day too, so warm! xxx


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