Simple Stress Relief + Improving Body Image

Happy Wednesday! Hope your week is going well. We are now rolling towards the weekend. Yay!

For most of my life, I’ve struggled with stress: a combination of my high strung disposition and life’s events. While pharmaceuticals work for lots of people, they’ve never worked for me, so when I feel anxious, these are the things I try:

Get Organized. There is nothing worse for the anxious brain that seeing a house filled with mess. If you are feeling out of sorts, take a look at your physical environment. Sometimes, taking an hour or so to tidy up the kitchen or your office can make a world of difference to your mental state. I love Melissa Michaels’s Simple Organizing for inspiration.

Get small tasks done. A women I worked with years ago had a cardinal rule: if it can be done in under five minutes, do it right away. File that bill. Fix that squeaky hinge. Put the laundry from the washer into the dryer. So much mental energy is wasted putting small tasks on to do lists or keeping them at the back of our minds. Fix it and forget it, as they say.

Go out for coffee with a friend. I work from home, which means I can go great portions of the day speaking only to the dogs. And while Teddy and Sailor are lovely, they are terrible conversationalists. It’s nice to get out with friends and catch up over coffee. After a winter hibernation, I’m making sure to stop just saying, ‘let’s do coffee one day’, and actually put things on my calendar.

Gussy up. If you feel physically together, it helps you feel mentally together. Put on a cute dress and some cute shoes (I’m wearing these Vince Camutos on repeat since they are comfy but look fierce.)

Diffuse some lavender. Lavender is calming and the very hint of it makes me feel less stressed. My friend Sherry sells a super pure version that smells amazing. When things get crazy, I like to pour a cup of tea, fire up my diffuser, and relax.

Watch bad TV.  This is basically my cure-all for everything, but watching reality tv is one of the few tasks that puts my mind completely at rest (it feels more restful than sleeping.) The latest season of Southern Charm is showing right now in Canada and I have to find out what’s the deal with Ashley. Thomas is no prize at all – why is she coming across as so desperate? I hope that Naomi makes it through the season intact as she really is my spirit animal. Really, I just watch it for Cameran, Whitney, and Patricia since they are all hilarious, and seem to be the only ones in on the joke.

via E!

RHONY is also back and Tinsley is being hilarious. After a zzzz debut season, she’s making things lighthearted and fun. And the Countess is single, so that might be interesting. And Bethenny and Dorinda always make for excellent TV. It all makes for stress-free viewing.


The latest episode of See Hear Love is about improving your body image, and I really love this show. We talk honestly around the table about the our own insecurities. Dr. Merry Lin, who is an amazing psychologist, gives us her advice. If you’ve ever struggled with body image (and who hasn’t?) this show is for you.

Enjoy your day!



  1. This was such a lovely post, I really enjoyed it and it really resonated with me as I do a lot of the same sort of things when I am feeling anxious. I love watching TV as a distraction and it always calms me down to watch my favourite you tubers too. I have never tired Lavender so will definitely be giving that a go! Thanks for sharing!

    Holly from The Art of Being Holly xo


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