Happy Mother’s Day + Sample Sale

Happy Mother’s Day to all who mother. I hope today is a happy day for you. I know, for some, it’s sad or bittersweet. I’m very lucky since I get to celebrate my mother (still in England) and my children get to celebrate me. But there were a few years in the wilderness, when I wanted children so very much and it simply was not happening.

If it’s a hard day, be kind to yourself. Stay out of restaurants. Maybe see a movie or go for a drive. Or go hang out in Liberty Village where everyone is 20. We were there on Friday night and I felt old!

I’m starting to reconnect with all of the city things I used to do and love every Saturday. I used to get 90% of my wardrobe and accessories from sample sales (I used to make it my business to be in NYC for the Rebecca Minkoff and  Soiffer Haskin Bvlgari sample sales – I was hard core.) My favourite Toronto Sample Sale was always the Wilshire / Simms Sigal one at 35A Wingold Ave. It’s a pretty true sample sale with racks by brand, limited sizes (but they do have a range – it’s not all XS), and an open communal change area (so wear a tank top and leggings or decent skivvies.) The sale is twice a year and all of the sample sale websites list it.

I went because I LOVE Wildfox sweatshirts. They are so comfy cozy and adorable. I’d wanted the I Love My Dog sweatshirt in the ShopBop sale but, alas, they were sold out. Ditto for Nordstrom.

But I managed to get one at sample sale prices!

I also picked up a dRA dress. I did not know this brand but it’s very California relaxed without being 100% boho (I do not have a boho personality.)


And then I got these adorable piñata slides by The White Brand for $10. They are like a small shoe party. Love!


They remind me of my Kayu bag.

For lunch, we popped over to Riz North, which was a place I ate at all the time. If you are ever at Yonge and Lawrence, they have a great fixed price lunch menu and AYCE as well. Yum.

We saw Life of the Party, the newest Melissa McCarthy vehicle. The reviews were bad, but I liked it well enough. I’m quite undiscerning when it comes to female-driven comedies. I’m always happy to see funny women on the screen.

Today is brunch and doing some things around the house and then dinner out en famille. I plan to dress for dinner, which is always a treat.

I hope you have a wonderful Sunday.



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