Kendra Scott Jewelry

Happy Tuesday!

Are you getting excited for the Royal Wedding? The whole walking down the aisle thing is a bit of a gong show, no? I hope Meghan just walks down the aisle herself. At her age and stage, it asserts the independent image she’s cultivated. I’m most excited about the dress. Are Vegas odds still on Ralph & Russo?

Speaking of style, I was sad to hear that author Tom Wolfe has passed away. He was such a big literary figure when I was young and I loved both Bonfire of the Vanities and I Am Charlotte Simmons. I refer to both books in conversation surprisingly often. Wolfe was gifted at coming up with memorable turns of phrase.

I’m heading out tonight, which means gussying up a bit. Working from home, I tend to get lazy with my style unless I have a lunch or something booked. I’m always freezing so I tend to be in Juicy velour pants and a sweatshirt most days. It’s nice to put on something a little fancier during the week. I will also put on jewelry, which is something I’m lazy about most days, opting to wear the same earrings/rings/watch combination day in and day out.

I’ll likely sport my Kendra Scott bracelet I received for Mother’s Day. I love how the bracelet is easily adjustable since most bracelets fall off my wrists.

I think Kendra Scott pieces are so pretty. They incorporate natural gemstones without being too hemp and patchouli. And the price point is very accessible.

I love these small drop earrings and will likely seek them out in Nordstrom’s summer sale.




Are you a jewellery experimenter or do you tend to wear the same basic pieces?



  1. Those earrings are lovely! I’m like you – watch, earrings, rings (although I often forget to put the rings back on if I’m off to the gym). I’m trying to change out my earrings more often; I usually keep the same ones in for a week or so at a time. I like natural gemstones too. I recently discovered Mejuri, they are a Canadian jewellery company, very simple, clean styles in gold and gold vermeil. I’m thinking of buying some earrings for our son’s girlfriend for her university graduation.

    I am primed to get up at 4.50 on Saturday, and until then I’m PVR’ing everything I can find on TV about the wedding. I just don’t know if I have the time to watch it all! The sideshow, however, is very sad. I do hope that the father can make it to Windsor; if not, I hope her mother walks her down the aisle. As Laineygossip said the other day, she’s the only family member who hasn’t sold her out.


    • I have to check out Mejuri. They sound lovely. I’m trying to figure out a new way to display my jewellery since it’s out of sight, out of mind for me.

      I hope they figure out the family wedding dynamic. What a point of stress! The mom does seem like the only stable one. What a terrible thing. We all have goofy family members with wedding ruining potential, but thankfully it’s not so public for most of us. I’m sure she’s very stressed. I tend to be up around 5, so I’ll likely end up watching it. I’m sure the coverage will be amazing. Happy viewing! XO


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