Vanity Organization

Happy Friday! It’s a long weekend for a lot of us. And a Royal Wedding long weekend too. Yay!

I’m staycationing since our water out east is still being installed. The good news is that we are totally self-sufficient after this is all said and done. Like Tom Brady and Giselle. If there is Armageddon, head to Nova Scotia and we will take y’all in!

I plan to eat well this weekend. And to be outside when it’s nice.

It may rain and if it does, I plan to do some more organizing. Organizing my space is so calming. I recently organized my vanity space.

I find the best source for makeup organizers is Homesense/Homegoods. I love clear acrylic pieces so you can see everything at a glance. Mine is old, but they have its exact replica for $13 right now. I know these $150 massive organizers are The Thing but if you have too much makeup, it tends to simply spoil? A small organizer keeps you more disciplined in your purchases, no? I like something that holds the products I use regularly. One helpful tip: make sure the lipstick holders are deep enough that you can store your lipsticks upside down so you can see the colour at a glance.

I used to keep my costume jewellery in a wooden jewellery box, but I’m an out of sight, out of mind kind of gal. So now, I display my pieces like they do in a boutique.

The Holy Grail in bauble organizers are Kendra Scott’s pieces but they are very spendy. I’ve been able to find cheap and cheerful alternatives. The bracelet holder is from Umbra and I found it at Homesense. The earring holder is also from Umbra and I found it at Indigo for $18. This necklace holder is pretty too.

What are your tips for organizing your vanity? Do you like things in plain sight or tucked away?


Love to hear from you!

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