Royal Wedding!

The day is here!

Let’s talk about the dress.


That was unexpected. Everyone was calling for a British house. It’s gorgeous, though. Perfect silhouette for her. Very Audrey Hepburn. And not a hint of meringue. It’s a double bonded silk cady, which is a lovely fabric. I’ve had a couple of silk cady dresses but they did not cost anywhere near this one.  I’m always surprised how much these dresses cost if there is no hand beading.

via Express
via People

The wedding is fun to watch. Lots of stifled laughs and side eye, no? Zara Tindall looked positively irritated but at, what, 14 months pregnant, I would be too!

Loved the Queen. Lime green and purple is one of my favourite combinations. She looks like she’s digging in her handbag for a candy.

via Express

Harry’s uniform and the little pageboys were a little too Imperial Official for my liking. I can’t wait to read Gary Janetti’s take. But the little flower girls were adorable.

via Daily Mail

Ok, the guests. Abigail Spencer – Scottie on Suits – had the most winning look. Her polka dot Alessandra Rich dress is everything. I like Priyanka Chopra’s structured jacket, too.

I do think that collectively, they make the best dressed group! Total girl power.

via CNN

Carey Mulligan’s Erdem dress? Yes please!

Sofia Wellesley’s floral Red Valentino is gorgeous. And it’s on sale!

via Huffington Post

Joss Stone’s dress and hat are lovely.

via Daily Mail


What did you think of THE dress? Which guest was dressed the best? Are you filled with tea and scones?

Enjoy your Saturday!



  1. I loved the dress, very much keeping to her minimal style. (Although I wouldn’t have minded a bit of embellishment, maybe a sparkly belt.) The veil was lovely and meaningful. The choice of tiara was great – unexpected, many blogs were rooting for the Strathmore Rose, but I think Queen Mary’s Bandeau was a better match to the dress.

    I loved the pageboy uniforms! Not a pair of knickerbockers in sight! I must admit I was a bit disappointed at first that both Harry and William were wearing the black uniforms, but only because I loved the look of William’s red one at his wedding. However, I’m over it – and it was lovely that the boys were in mini-versions.

    I can’t really choose a favourite guest outfit, will have to spend a bit more time looking at photos. But everyone looked marvellous.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what Meghan wears for the evening shindig. But first, I need to go take a nap!


  2. I was very disappointed in the dress. It could not have been any plainer if she tried, and if you’re going to do something that simple, the fit needs to be impeccable, which it was not. It looked more like a smock than a wedding dress. As for the cost, can you say MAJOR RIPOFF? Seriously, there’s absolutely no reason an unembellished dress should cost more than a few thousand, unless it’s spun with pure gold. Givenchy needs to get a grip, but then again, why should they when so many are willing to shell out tens of thousands.

    I did like the train and the thoughtful embroidery, and the tiara was a win.

    As for the polka dot dress on Abigail, can you say librarian on steroids? Priyankas suit is stunning though. Great color and cut and very appropriate for the occasion. Casey’s dress is lovely, but I think it’s a case of the woman makes the dress. On anyone who is short and even slightly overweight it would be a disaster.

    As for my favorite guest outfit? Beckham of course. Who has time to look at the women when that hunk is around? Not moi!


    • I’m with you on Beckham! The whole wedding dress market is a sham. Emotion makes us illogical (I too succumbed although obviously not to this level…) And then I was quoted $700 for cleaning! Thanks for your thoughtful comments.


  3. As a bridal gown designer, I know how much work goes into making an amazing dress and I can say, it’s worth every penny!


    • I have heard that unembellished dresses are harder to make since there is zero room for error. I had a Carolina Herrera gown for mine and I think it was worth every penny. Still, there was massive sticker shock! Thank you for your perspective!


  4. The wedding gown was pure elegance. I loved the way it looked effortless, just caressing the shoulders. As for the fit – it was just as it should have been.


  5. The dress was a little too plain for my liking, but I did like the simplicity of it. I much preferred the Stella McCartney reception dress.

    Such a fun TV viewing day all around with all of the fanfare.


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