Royal Bridal Influence + Guest Dress Obsessed

Happy Monday!

It’s Victoria Day in Canada, which seems appropriate given the royal celebrations. Have you recovered from the wedding?  The dress will be very influential on bridal fashion, I hear. Have you tossed out all of your lace yet?

I had a bit of lace on my own dress – the Carolina Herrera Josette – which I do not regret a bit. But I’m glad I went for tailored since this look will have staying power for a while.

via Style Me Pretty
via Nordstrom

There is some debate on the price of wedding dresses. I fall in the middle to high range. I think that good design is pricey. And the simpler the dress, the harder it is to make since it shows every flaw. (Still, the Markle price tag seemed exorbitant since typically labour-intensive hand beading and embroidery is often what drives up the cost – hopefully the price quoted includes the beautiful veil.) Before I bought the Herrera, I bought a cheaper gown on a sample rack and hated it (the fit and the fabric were not up to par.) I opted to wear a gold Badgley Mischka that I bought 5 days before the ceremony.

For the redo (our own wedding was an unmitigated disaster due to photos issues, family complications, an absentee minister, and travel complications that kept several of our guests from coming), I opted for the Herrera dress that I’d wanted all along. Thankfully, I was able to get the sample I’d tried on at the trunk show at Kleinfeld, so it was considerably less expensive than when I first tried it on. And it fit well, so I did not need to do any more than take up the shoulder an inch and the seamstress only charged me $28.

The first time I tried on the dress in 2016. Why did I not just buy it then? False economy!

Cleaning the dress after the wedding is another matter. I was quoted $700 and could not deal, so I’ve been asking different dry cleaners to quote. I found someone who is hand-cleaning it with non-toxic cleaners for $75 per hour. He think it will take 2-3 hours maximum. It pays to shop around and get someone who does not specialize in “weddings” per se.

It’s all so pricey! Though I guess between debuts and weddings, white dresses are always emotionally significant so people can charge what they want.

The dress I coveted from the Royal Wedding was not the bridal gown, but a dress worn by three of the guests: the Vampire’s Wife Festival Dress.

I love this version in pink and grey.

via Who What Wear

They have a similar one for sale:


There is a beautiful story behind Vampire’s Wife. Susie Cave (former model and Nick Cave’s wife) used the label as a way to heal after the death of her teenaged son. Some people find fashion and art and design superficial, but I’ve always found them to be healing. We are promised beauty from ashes. Not hope from ashes. Not healing from ashes. Beauty from ashes. I don’t think that’s accidental. Beautiful objects can remind us that these is good in the world. I suspect that’s why so many of us were drawn to the Royal Wedding this year.


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