Summer Beauty Buys

Happy Friday!

We are having a beautiful stretch of hot and sunny weather. Summer is here at last!

Today is bittersweet as I am at a memorial service for my aunt who was 81. She led a full life in Toronto and Scottsdale, playing tennis and golf and travelling. She was incredibly elegant and I remember shopping with her at Ogilvy in Montreal when I was young. Memorial services always bring up memories, which I suppose is the point. It’s the Swedish side of the family, though, so we are highly practical about such things. Everyone also has a gallows sense of humour, so if anyone gets too serious, dry humour will ensue.

Twice a year, I wish I lived in the US: Thanksgiving and Memorial Day. I will be deeply envious when I see everyone’s photos of the beach.

Thankfully, I can still indulge in the sales. Sephora kicked off its summer sale today. The Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil and the Anastasia Peachy Love Blush Trio are the winners in the bunch.



And for a winning red lipstick that you will NEED for the fourth of July and Canada Day, Beautycounter’s Girls’ Night is your pick for the win.

Speaking of Girls’ Night, have you seen the trailer for Ocean’s 8. Looks amazing. What a cast. The fashion should be outstanding.


via Warner Bros.

In the meantime, I plan to see Book Club to tide me over. You just know the interiors are going to be fabulous.

What are your plans for the weekend? Beaches? Picnics? Sales?




Love to hear from you!

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