Maintaining Icy Blonde Highlights


Tippi Hedren via Pinterest

I love icy blonde hair and am always urging my colourist to curb the brassiness. With the sunshine and chlorinated city water, however, it’s hard to not go from Hitchcock Blonde to Cougar Gold.

I’ve started to tone in-between highlights since, as I get older and more – um – fair haired, I don’t need to highlight very often. Throwing on a purple rinse in-salon makes things stay nice and cool between highlights and it’s very inexpensive.

My colourist also introduced me to Davines, which is a haircare line from Italy. The Alchemic Shampoo in Silver neutralizes any gold tones and smells ahh-mazing. Ditto for the Alchemic Conditioner (the conditioner is more a product to lock in tone than get your hair super silky, so I combine with my Beautycounter conditioner.) The Davines products are sustainable (yay!), but are not super great in terms of toxicity on the EWG site, so I use them sparingly. Once a week is plenty.

I also use a water filter on my shower head to try to take out the chlorine. I have no idea how well it works but I figure it can’t hurt.

But the biggest hair saver of all is to wear a hat in the sun as the UV destroys your colour. This J. Crew Panama Hat is my go to in the summer and it’s 40% off with free shipping today.


So you struggle with colour fade or brassiness? Do you wear your natural colour with pride?



  1. I get blonde highlights about twice a year in my (now) brownish-mousyish hair (as a child my hair used to be golden blonde, sigh). My hairdresser drops hints in between times, but I really dislike the whole process, especially having the foils yanked out (that’s what it feels like anyway). I have 2 colours – a light blonde and a more caramel ‘bronde’. I do find the blonde fades pretty quickly, so I really should wear my hat more often. If I wear it, it is in deference to skin protection, but I hadn’t given much thought to the same for my hair. Good tip!


    • It is a tedious process isn’t it. I space longer and longer between visits, which is possible now that I have more grey. One benefit of aging! Xo


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