The Power of Persistence in Health

Since May, I’ve been trying to get my Nordstrom account set up. It’s taken many phone calls to get it sorted but finally, voila! I got my $60 in sign-up notes, plus something extra for my troubles.

The watchword for 2018 has been persistence. I’ve had to call and ask for second opinions and ask for retests on things. I’ve had to escalate just about everything and calmly and politely ask for more. As a result, I’m finally on a path to figure out my health issues and my lasik-gone-bad.

Frankly, it’s exhausting and I wish everyone would just do it right the first time, but alas it’s not the human condition. Apparently, I’m not alone.

In the New York Times piece on Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP, the author talks about how the need to push so much is one of the big drivers of women to the wellness community in lieu of traditional medicine:

I once went to an internist twice, complaining of preternatural exhaustion, only to be told that I was depressed and sent home. On the third visit, she begrudgingly took my blood and called me later to even more begrudgingly apologize and tell me I had a surprising case of mononucleosis. I know women who’ve been dismissed by their doctors for being lazy and careless and depressed and downright crazy. Was it any wonder that they would start to seek help from sources that assumed that their symptoms weren’t all in their head?

In other words, you don’t have to pester anyone to send you a yoni egg.

Personally, I like a blend of traditional and holistic medicine. I’m a medical snob and like my doctor to have taught at a good university and to have hospital privileges at one of the Big Names. But I also like her to have empathy for those for whom Big Pharma has little offer. I’m so grateful I’ve found a doctor who fits this description. The key is to find a superstar who has had medical problems herself and knows the system is not perfect.

Right now, what’s working for me is:

Bio-identical Progesterone. I’ve never made enough progesterone. Both pregnancies needed hormone support. My doc now has me on a magical cream from a compounding pharmacy that seems to be doing the trick. Hallelujah!

B12 Shots. These things are magical elixirs of goodness. I finally have my energy back.

Vitamins. Every single day, I take Magnesium, Vitamin C, Viviscal, Curcumin, Vitamin D, Omega 3, rishi mushrooms, and a partridge in a pear tree (aka multi-vitamin.) I have a giant pill holder like a senior citizen. Booya!

Sleep. I need sleep like a mother. It’s only taken me 40 years to learn this.

Yoga. I’m starting to get back into the yin yoga I practiced for twenty years.

Mindfulness. But, honestly, I’m terrible at it.

Essential Oils. Young Living’s Inner Child is everything. It smells so good. Instant calmification.

Self-care. I’ve reread Cheryl Richardson’s The Art of Extreme Self-Care. Love this book.

How is your health? Do you have a good doctor? Do you have something that’s worked for you? How persistent do you need to be?



  1. An interesting post. I don’t do well on any traditional medicines, and try to avoid at all costs. I feel best on lots of fruit and veg, almost nil red meat (like, once a month, maybe), totally avoid preservatives and additives. Also need sleep, prefer eight hours but can manage on a bit less. I take Vit D, Evening Primrose oil (helps with the ageing bones), and Inner Health Plus. I had cancer seven years ago, and happily recently had another clear check.


    • I’m so glad you are clear. I also don’t do well on medicine. I’m allergic to a couple and even things like Advil don’t agree. I think some of us are built for a more natural approach. Sleep is everything for me too. If I don’t get enough, I don’t do well and I see the impact on my skin, my pain levels and my mood! It sounds like you’ve figured out a great lifestyle plan for you. I’m on my way towards that too. Xo


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