Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! We had our turkey on Saturday to accommodate school and work schedules and are now in the land of leftovers. Yay.

We had a four day weekend, which meant lots of reading. I read Jodi Picoult’s newest, A Spark of Light. If you like contemporary, topical women’s fiction, it’s a page turner on a controversial topic. It needs a trigger warning in parts, but I couldn’t put it down.

I’m now reading The Fabulous Bouvier Sisters, about the often rocky relationship between Jackie and Lee. It’s terrific so far.

For audio books, I’m listening to The Witches of New York. I think it will be perfect for September/October as I drive people to sports and activities.

I love a fancy grilled cheese sandwich in the fall. I’m addicted to both the Tomato Jam and Chutney by Nadine Hughes. You can get it in Oakville, Collingwood, and Honey Harbour (seasonally). So good!

Have you checked out Ralph Lauren’s 50th anniversary collection? So lovely. I bought the cheap and cheerful version of this sweater at the RL outlets this summer and saved myself over $4600.

For Hallmark Movies, Love, Once and Always is a winner. It’s very pretty, which is the entire point of those films. It’s showing on October 22 on Hallmark and seems to be on loop on W TV in Canada.

I’ve switched to fall scented candles with Opopanax, Fig, and Amber, as well as Pumpkin Chai. The pumpkin is new this year (I bought the mini.) The others are oldies but goodies. I keep my scented candles for years, burning only a bit at a time since they are so highly fragranced. I use unscented beeswax candles for tapers and votives since they are supposed to be healthier to burn and have a beautiful glow.

Are you into fall? What cozy elements are you adding? Read any good books lately?


Love to hear from you!

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