Preparing for Jul

Hello lovelies,

I hope you are keeping well. Did you see that large pink diamond that sold for $50 million to Harry Winston. Whatever will they do with it? It hardly seems wearable. Definitely not for daytime.

We are in the full Christmas swing here, including putting up the tree. I’m feeling a kinship with Faux Fuchsia. I think we might do things earlier in the colonies since we don’t have November Thanksgiving.

Last year, Teddy, our Cairn Terrier, all but destroyed our tree, but now he is a mature 18 months old. He seems to have made peace with the tree this year. We are even able to have a tree skirt, which feels like a miracle. Mind you, I’m still not putting the German Christmas ornaments on it. Once bitten and all that.

I’ve decided to have a more Scandinavian Christmas this year. I’ve loaded up on Ikea food. The secret to surviving an Ikea visit is to arrive at the opening bell and go directly to the bistro at the exit. That way, you avoid all the frantic people wielding allen keys. Have a cinnamon bun and coffee while you load up with ginger cookies and Vintersaga Swedish Festive Drink, which is their own nod to Julmust. Yum.

I have put out a couple of Tomten, the little bearded elf-like creatures wearing winter hats, who act not unlike Dobby in Harry Potter. Since I was a child, I’ve always had the Swedish Angel Chimes at Christmas. I will need a new set at some point as the brass plating has partly worn off, but it still functions beautifully.

I’m all for a bit of Lagom, but I don’t plan to wear any candles on my head and I won’t get within a mile of Lutefisk. I’m only part Swedish, after all.

Are you planning on embracing any new traditions this holiday season? All I know is that I will not be using any smart home things to power my Christmas tree. That commercial featuring some sort of Echo/Home/Alexa device to turn on the Christmas tree gives me the willies. I don’t like the idea of things listening in on me like a gossipy housewife. I feel like a senior citizen in my mistrust, but there it is.

I’ve just started to read Liane Moriaty’s (Big Little Lies) newest book, Nine Perfect Strangers. I love it. She and my other favourite, Marian Keyes, have a lighthearted approach to discuss some heavier subjects. It’s a great book to read by the fire with a cup of tea.

Keep safe and warm. It’s crazy out there.


Love to hear from you!

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