Healthy January

Hello lovelies! Can you believe we are half way through the month?

In January, the world seems to focus on wellness, making adopting healthy habits a bit easier. I like to kick off the month taking care of my doctor’s visits. I’ve had a lot of eye appointments and doctor’s visits all year, but I’ve recently seen the dentist and got my mammogram done.

I also checked in with my functional medicine doctor in the City. She is an MD who embraces alternative practices. I wanted to see her post-surgery to get her opinion on the drug I’m taking for adenomyosis and to see if I needed to tweak my vitamins. She ran an extensive blood panel and also did some energy work (see: alternative) to give me her opinion. She and my surgeon are on the same page with respect to the adenomyosis protocol: I need to take progesterone. I need to take more Vitamin D for bone health while I’m on progesterone since the drug can interact with bone density. I got a Vitamin B12 shot while I was there since I’m often on the low side and a twice-yearly shot helps the supplements do their job. My doctor sweats by ganoderma (reishi mushrooms) for energy so I also bought some fancy hot chocolate that will fill that bill.

I’ve convinced myself over the holidays that non-stick cookware is the devil. I’m trying to just use healthier cast iron, stainless steel, enamelware, and stoneware. It always irritates me that, as consumers, we have to do all of this research. The internet varies between abject paranoia and who cares. I think the truth is likely somewhere in between. Still, where I can make healthier choices, I will since the healthier I live, the better I feel.

I’m also experimenting with recipes. I think I finally have a vegan gluten free blueberry muffin I like (muffins are VERY important to me!) I love almond meal and oatmeal as a base as it give things a nice, nutty taste, so this one (a hybrid of a few on Pinterest I’ve made) is a winner.

If you are a little over the whole wellness thing, you will love Sarah Selecky’s Radiant Shimmering Light. I devoured this book. Selecky is a brilliant Canadian writer whose work is receiving a lot of attention (the film rights have been bought and the character of Eleven Novak – a Danielle LaPorte/Gabby Bernstein/Gwyneth Paltrow hybrid – would be magical on the screen.) If you are not into the wellness scene – or you are but have a sense of humour about it – I think you’ll love this novel. It’s both a very engaging read and a cautionary tale. So good and a great book to curl up with this winter.

Hope you are staying strong.



  1. Hi Jen, I think it’s a great idea to do your annual medical in January – for some reason I go in September, or in March (usually every 18 months). Funnily enough, today I’m not so strong – my gym buddy couldn’t go to the gym with me so I decided to stay home and do a short rebounder session, whereupon I promptly sprained my ankle! I guess that’s me stuck at home for the rest of the week, and maybe longer. This is a real shame, as I definitely have Christmas weight to lose!

    Enjoy your muffins!


  2. January UGH! I’m trying to do the wellness thing but I also find it’s a good time of year for wine and snacks. I did finally have my naturopath appointment which took me months to get…but I have a new B vitamin, instructions to take more iron to deal with the anemia and a hormone balance thing which might help my migraines apparently. We’ll see! She also told me to have a snack before bed every night so I’m definitely going to try those muffins.
    Thank you! xxx


    • I live on those muffins and the Tamari almonds from Costco. I love my B12 shots but iron is always a challenge. I’m contemplating the iron IV since it deals with it a couple of times a year. I’m on full-strength hormones for a year, but the bio-identical cream helped a lot. Hopefully you find the trick to solve those migraines! Xx


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